Unblock Possibilities With A League Of Legends Proxy (2023)

Duel with the best fighters, attack opponents with mystical spells, and bear the brunt of harsh battles as a tank. This is the enchanted world of League of Legends. In-person, you are a harmless butterfly, but online, you are a fearless champion, ready for whatever your opponents might throw at you. Between its modern graphics and diverse methods of gameplay, League of Legends has become one of the most popular games in the online gaming community. The game’s worldwide appeal is no surprise, considering the intricacy of battle, the tough terrain laid out on the game maps, and the ability to play in teams.

But some players run into a few issues when attempting to play the game they love. Fancy yourself the desperate gamer, in need of a smoother gaming experience? That is where a League of Legends proxy comes in handy. Not only will I define what an LoL proxy is, but I will also go through different reasons to use a proxy and how to make smart decisions when purchasing a proxy online. You never back down from a battle. So why let lag or a poor connection stop you from gaming whenever and wherever you want?

Table of Contents

  • 1. What Are League of Legends Proxies?
  • 2. How to Connect to League of Legends Through a Proxy
  • 3. Reasons to Use a League of Legends Proxy
  • 4. Botting Using an LoL Proxy
  • 5. Find the Best League of Legends Proxy

What Are League of Legends Proxies?

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Consider a proxy as a gateway to the internet. You see, every computer as a unique IP address, an identifying number that allows websites to see where visitors are coming from and how frequently they visit a site. When you use a proxy, you essentially mask your original IP address with a new one. An address that is given by a proxy provider. Rather than communicating with your computer, websites then communicate with the proxy, helping protect your identity and shielding the location of that first IP I mentioned above. What does all this talk about shielding IP addresses mean in terms of League of Legends?

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Well, consider this: you live in a country that blocks access to League of Legends. Instead of making a drastic change of address to another continent, purchase a League of Legends proxy and unblock any aspect of the game that might be impassable or unblock the game itself. If you are wondering how to unblock League of Legends in certain areas, a proxy is your answer. Proxies are readily available online, reasonably priced, and are easy to set up. Instead of struggling with a poor connection or fighting internet restrictions based on geographical location, set up a proxy and get the most out of your favorite online game.

How to Connect to League of Legends Through a Proxy

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Whether you are a tech wizard in your daily life or avoid computers outside of your gaming time, setting up League of Legends proxies is a painless process. Not to mention less terrifying than going to battle against a whole group of experienced mages and tanks. First, it is important to note that these setup instructions are geared towards Windows OS 7 and up and uses an environment variable called all_proxy. If you have an older version of Windows, you need only look up how to set environment variables in versions that have come before.

In order to start, you’ll need to navigate to “Advanced System Settings” in the control panel.

After that, you are going to click “Environment Variables.” Then, in order to set up a proxy for all users, click “new” underneath “system variables” Simply type all_proxy as the variable name. You’ll want to make sure you are typing this environmental variable in the form $HOSTNAME:$PORT where $HOSTNAME is the proxy IP address and $PORT is the port you are connecting through. Both of these pieces of information will be given to you by the proxy provider you choose to purchase from. Finally, just click “OK”!

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Those few steps will help make your proxy work without a hitch. If you have more questions about setting up proxies, I suggest you read through the LoL forums, which contain lots of troubleshooting threads.

Reasons to Use a League of Legends Proxy

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Now that we have talked about how to connect League of Legends through a proxy, I want to go over the top reasons to use a League of Legends proxy. After all, how are you expected to use something if you do not know the reasons behind why you are using it in the first place?

As you might have already guessed, bypassing geographical restrictions is one of the main ways to use of League of Legends proxy. Some countries deny access to online games, due to usage rights and a whole host of other reasons. But an impassioned gaming enthusiast such as yourself should not have to suffer on account of where you live. When you purchase a proxy online, you are able to choose the location you would like the League of Legends proxy server to be. So even if you live in South America, you can buy an IP address that is located in the United States, Australia and beyond.

Another popular reason to use an LoL proxy is for personal protection. Proxies shield your identity, thus keeping your private information safe and hidden away from prying eyes. From your perspective, gaming for hours on end is a blast, but from a thief’s perspective, the more you visit a website, the easier it becomes from them to track your movements and pinpoint your exact location. This is certainly not an ideal situation. All you want to do is game. A proxy minimizes the exposure and forces potential hackers to scurry back into their dark corners.

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The last reason I would like to touch on is lag. If you thought fellow League of Legends players were your mortal enemy, you were wrong. The mortal enemy of the professional gamer is lag. Slow connections make gaming a nightmare and interrupt the important battles you are attempting to win. Proxies are a fantastic way to combat annoying blips in the game and ensure you never lose the progress you have made.

While the list above represents the most popular reasons for using a proxy while playing League of Legends, it is by no means complete. For even more tips on using a proxy during gameplay, check out this blog.

A Note on Using an LoL Proxy

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Whew, what a delicious helping of proxy information. Before we jump into using the right League of Legends proxy, I want to talk about how to use a proxy the right way. Remember the little digital deviants I mentioned earlier? The ones that want to seal your identity of personal information. Here is the thing, there are people online that use proxies for nefarious purposes. Often that purpose is to make money of playing online games or using an automated bot to play League of Legends without so much as lifting a finger. You are a simple gamer that just wants to enjoy every layer of LoL. We know that. Just keep in mind, that while you use proxies for good, some are benefiting from the technology by doing stuff game companies are less than thrilled about.

All this is not meant to scare you. It is meant to educate you about how proxies are seen by those that run games and how people around you might abuse the IP addresses that they have purchased. If abused, your IP address could be banned from the site. This is by far the last thing you want to happen. One way to avoid this is to keep using the same IP address for long stretches. Jumping from one IP to another makes a website’s ears perk straight up. Adding on to that, using proxy servers in one location makes it appear that you are in fact in the location you say you are. Hopping from continent to continent can appear questionable to a site. Bottom line: do not abuse your proxy and you will have tons of success in all those fearsome battles that lie ahead.

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Using the Right League of Legends Proxy Server

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Now you might be wondering, how on earth do I know if I am buying a reliable proxy? There are a ton of proxy providers out there and it can be difficult to be sure you are getting the best proxy at the lowest price. Instead of playing the guessing game and leaving the whole situation up to chance, consider your options. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place because I have a few suggestions before taking the proxy plunge.

First, buying is the key word here. While there are free proxies floating around the internet, they are often unreliable and make your computer vulnerable, rather than protected. I know, I love free stuff as much as the next girl, but free does not equate to quality, especially when it comes to something as important as an IP address. Find a trusted proxy provider that offers proxy server locations you need. Once you find the right provider, keep in mind how many proxies you would like to buy at once. Many companies allow you to buy 5 proxies at once. You might be wondering why you need more than one proxy. But as I mentioned in an earlier paragraph, even new IP addresses are at risk of getting banned, having replacement proxies at your disposal makes for smoother gameplay. You also want to buy proxies from a website that has reliable customer service. This might seem like a small thing, but the easier businesses are to get in touch with, the better of you will be. Say you are gaming into the wee hours of the morning and you suddenly need to troubleshoot your proxy, a customer service team that is available 24/7 will be ready to fix any issue, no matter the time of day.

If you keep all of the above in mind, buying a League of Legends proxy will be a simple exchange and allow you to get back to the enticing world of Runeterra.

Final Thoughts

Swords at the ready, you and your crew of courageous warriors charge into battle with steady precision. No fight is too large, and no enemy is too tough to conquer. From the scenery to the heart-stopping combats, League of Legends provides a glorious escape from the routine of everyday life. But just when your heart is about to burst from excitement, computer performance threatens to shatter the moment. Your army crumbles and you retreat home, defeated and exasperated. What a horrific sight indeed. Change the narrative and use a League of Legends proxy to improve lag, unblock IP addresses, and bypass geographical locations. With the help of a proxy, you will never want for untapped aspects of League of Legends.

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Remember all that I told you about proxy best practices and your online adventures will run without a hitch. That is what I call battle-ready.

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How to bypass college proxy? ›

How to Bypass a School Firewall
  1. Use a Proxy Site to Get Around School Restrictions. ...
  2. Use a VPN to Encrypt Your Traffic. ...
  3. Type the IP Address of the Website. ...
  4. Use Google Translate as an Impromptu Proxy Server. ...
  5. Use Your Smartphone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. ...
  6. You Could Have Your Personal Information Stolen. ...
  7. You Could Get a Virus.
Dec 28, 2022

How do I get around a proxy server? ›

To bypass servers, use an asterisk ("*") as a wildcard to replace actual characters in the exceptions area of the Proxy Settings dialog box. Enter a wildcard at the beginning of an Internet address, IP address, or domain name that has a common ending. For example, use *. example.com to bypass any entries that end in .

How do I play games with a proxy? ›

How to Set up Game Proxy on Windows PC:
  1. Go to Settings > Network & Internet.
  2. Click on “Proxy” and then “Manual setup” menu.
  3. Toggle the “Use Proxy Server” menu.
  4. Enter your IP address and port number in the designated fields.
  5. Now, enter your username and password, if required.
Oct 18, 2019

What is the point of a proxy? ›

A proxy server is a system or router that provides a gateway between users and the internet. Therefore, it helps prevent cyber attackers from entering a private network. It is a server, referred to as an “intermediary” because it goes between end-users and the web pages they visit online.

How to bypass proxy ban? ›

By using a VPN, proxy server, or Tor Browser, you can bypass the IP ban and regain access to the website. However, it is important to use these tools responsibly and to be aware of the potential risks involved. Always choose a reputable VPN or proxy server provider and use the tool according to their terms of service.

How to bypass proxy blocked sites? ›

Method 1: Use a proxy
  1. Method 1: Use a proxy.
  2. Method 2: Use the Google cache.
  3. Method 3: Try a URL shortener.
  4. Method 4: Try the IP address.
  5. Method 5: Unblock websites in Chrome and Safari.
  6. Method 6: Switch between HTTP and HTTPS.
  7. Method 7: Use Tor Browser.
  8. Method 8: Use a VPN.
May 26, 2022

Are proxy servers illegal? ›

Using a proxy server in and of itself is not illegal. However, the legality of using a proxy depends on how it is being used and in which jurisdiction. In some countries, using a proxy to bypass internet censorship or access restricted websites may be illegal.

How to bypass college wifi restrictions? ›

  1. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  2. Use the Tor Browser.
  3. Connect to a Proxy Server/proxy website/use a proxy extension.
  4. Use an Alternate Smart DNS Server.
  5. Other options to unblock your Schools Wi-Fi and bypass firewall.
  6. Pro tips: Bypass admin restrictions.
  7. Wrap up.
  8. Setting up ExpressVPN on your school computer.

Does a VPN bypass a proxy server? ›

A VPN can be used to bypass a proxy server or firewall and prevent your computer from being directed to a site it doesn't want to visit. This action provides an additional measure of security for anyone using a public Wi-Fi connection or any other unfamiliar network.

What is the best proxy for gaming? ›

All of them are different and can be more helpful for a specific game.
  • #1 MobileHop — Best for the US Gaming Experience Overall 🥇 ...
  • #2 Proxy-Sale — Best for Steam 🥈 ...
  • #3 Proxy-Seller — Best for Epic Games Products 🥉 ...
  • #4 Smartproxy — Best for Australian Gamers ...
  • #5 Oxylabs — Best for the Largest Network 🌎
Apr 14, 2023

Should I use proxy for gaming? ›

A residential proxy for online gaming is important because it helps keep your IP address private while playing online games. This means that no one will be able to track your location or identity when accessing certain servers – something which can give players an unfair advantage…

Are proxies good for gaming? ›

Gaming Advantages When Using a Proxy

A proxy service is one of the easiest ways to improve your gaming experience quickly. For example, location-specific proxies, like US residential proxies, will change your IP to one within the country for many gaming benefits.

Why do people proxy in league? ›

Proxying, done well, places the enemy laner in a lose-lose situation. You're taking their wave before it reaches the lane to clash with your minions, that means there's nothing stopping your minions from reaching the enemy turret, unless the enemy laner sacrifices their health by tanking the wave to farm.

Why would a hacker use a proxy server? ›

Hackers use proxy servers to hide malicious network activity such as DDoS attacks and phishing attempts. Hackers may also infect a proxy with malware so that unsuspecting users will have the malicious software installed on their machine when using the proxy.

Why proxy is better than VPN? ›

VPNs can be slower than proxies as they need to encrypt your sensitive data; however, there are ways you can improve your internet connection and browsing speeds. VPNs are usually paid (you shouldn't trust free VPN services as they have limitations and tend to mine your data) while many proxy servers are free.

How to bypass proxy authentication? ›

Bypass SAML Forward Proxy Authentication Methods
  1. Domain Bypass: Like www. <finance website>.com and www. <finance website>.com. Wildcards (like *. tld) are not valid.
  2. Web Category Bypass: Like Finance/Accounting.
  3. Source IP Address – User IP / Egress IP: Like Guest Wi-Fi, Server Subnets.
Jul 7, 2023

What can I use instead of college proxy for PC? ›

Proxy software for Windows PC
  • UltraSurf.
  • CCProxy.
  • uProxy.
  • Acrylic DNS Proxy.
  • kProxy.
  • Psiphon.
  • Tor Browser.
  • SafeIP.
May 3, 2023

How to bypass school DNS server? ›

Use a VPN. A VPN, or virtual private network, is a service that encrypts and routes your internet traffic through a remote server in another location. This way, you can hide your IP address and bypass any DNS filtering that your local network may impose.

Why can ti access over 18 sites on my phone? ›

For some secure sites (HTTPS) that are 18+, you might get a 'Timed out' or 'No response' message instead of our age verification page. If this happens to you, you'll need to prove your age to get access. Click continue, or call 61018. Once you've proven your age, we'll remove the restrictions and won't ask again.


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