6 Best Mobile Games for Couples To Play (2023)

Couples today have busy lives; it’s hard to take the time out and go for recreational activities, but mobile games for couples aren’t that hard to set up and play. The best part about the mobile gaming sphere is that it’s universal now, and most people have a mobile device.

Why are Mobile Games Ideal for Couples?

Mobile is the ideal platform for gaming enthusiasts because it’s relatively inexpensive in comparison to consoles. Another reason for couples to adopt mobile games is that they don’t take up a massive chunk of space in the living room. The portability and multifunctionality of mobile devices aren’t something consoles have.

The exception is the Nintendo Switch, of course, but that, too, has a docket and other components. As much as we love console gaming, we can’t argue with the flexibility advantage of mobile gaming devices.

The Focus of the Big 3 On the Mobile Game Market

The evidence of the expansion of mobile gaming reaching more milestones is through the 3 major console manufacturer’s actions. Sony’s recent push into the market, Nintendo’s always had a presence there, and with Xbox Game Pass, the push to play anywhere, anytime is evidently clear.

For couples, who want a long-term or short burst of mind-refreshing games to unwind, relax, and bond over, it’s a golden age for them. Today we’ll cover 6 of the best mobile games for couples to add that extra bit of fun to their leisurely time.

The Criteria for Selecting the Best Mobile Games for Couples

Before diving into our list today, we’ll first establish the three-fold tests a game must pass to qualify for our selection. Let’s see what they are.

  • The game must be on mobile devices, an obvious cutting point but necessary. However, this doesn’t mean that a game must be exclusive to Mobile devices.
  • Secondly, the game must include a multiplayer/co-op component. After all, a single-player experience isn’t ideal for couples.
  • Last but certainly not least, thematically, the game must be geared toward couples. So, action-heavy, RPG, and complicated adventure narrative titles (well, most of them, anyway) are out of the equation.

Which Mobiles Games for Couples are the Best?

We have quite a diverse line-up of games to choose from, and we’ll narrow it down to the top 6. Of course, a few personal favorites will likely sneak in on the list, but mostly it’ll be an objective list. Let’s begin!

6. Pocket Tanks

6 Best Mobile Games for Couples To Play (1)

For the first pick on our list of best mobile games for couples, we’re going with a bit of an old-school approach. Pocket Tank is all about couples and besties to relieve their inner stress after a long day. By shooting out tank shells and other weapons at their partner, Pocket Tank is a fun time guaranteed.

Pocket Tank – Shootout Between Couples is the Perfect De-Stressor Mobile Game

Pocket Tank is an example of how devs can extract fun and addictive game mechanics from minimalist game design. It’s always surprising how Pocket Tank manages to entertain couples through its weapon variety. Pocket Tank is one of those excellent mobile games for couples to engage in competitive gameplay and enjoy their time off from work.

The objective of the game is to drain your opponent’s defenses by aiming at their tank’s armor. There is a ten-round volley showdown, and each hit grants points to players. Players can earn bonus points depending on where players strike at their opponent’s tank.

The Good

Pocket Tanks has a lot of depth to the gameplay; couples will learn about it during gameplay sessions.

Tank Shell Ammo Variety Will Have Couples Looking for Their Next Favorite Combo

The arsenal for the tanks is extremely diverse, whether it’s homing missiles or the gravity well. Take, for instance, a personal favorite of ours, the super star + lava; it deals crazy damage and can instantly turn the tide. A useful tip to get more mileage out of the game is experimenting with different weapon combinations and using bunkers for cover.

Mobility of the Absurd Physics Will Leave Couples Lost in Thought With Strategizing Their Next Move

The tanks move surprisingly fast and can perform maneuvers with a much more dynamic traversal than the initial impression. On top of shooting the opponent’s tank with the tank shells, players can use the terrain to their advantage. The small details make Pocket Tank one of our favorites and overall one of the best mobile games for couples.

The Bad

Pocket Tanks has one off-putting element, especially for modern gaming couples who prefer a flashier aesthetic in their mobile games.

Retro Graphics and Animations Might Not Suit Everyone

The graphics and animations of Pocket Tanks might not seem the most eye-catching to gamers who are used to seeing colorfully vibrant art on their mobile devices. Still, for us retro gamers, the classic aesthetic doesn’t detract any enjoyment from the game.

The Verdict

Pocket Tank provides hours of endless fun and joy for couples to compete, goof around, and have a great time. Switching up the weapons completely changes the gameplay dynamic. It’s one of our favorite mobile games for couples.

5. Mario Kart Tour

6 Best Mobile Games for Couples To Play (2)

Moving on from the last entry, we have Mario Kart Tour, one of the most competitive mobile games for couples. Borrowing heavily from the mainline Mario Kart series, the game isn’t lagging behind them in any way. The spirit of Mario games is definitely present in Mario Kart Tour. Couples who are fans of Nintendo games will get more enjoyment.

Mario Kart Tour – The Best Racing Mobile Game Around

In Mario Kart Tour, the players compete in go-kart races, and there’s a surprising degree of depth gameplay-wise. There’s a great deal of emphasis on online play, especially the tour mode that gets weekly updates but is entirely optional.

The big deviation of Mario Kart Tour is removing the hard requirement of first-place finishes to win the race. That’s right; you need to amass points to win, which doesn’t necessarily require crossing the finishing line first. It certainly helps, though.

The Good

Mario Kart Tour streamlines the control configuration to enhance players’ enjoyment, making it one of the best mobile games for couples. Other than easy controls, there are plenty of other great things about Mario Kart Tour that couples will enjoy.

The Mario Characters Personality Infuses Fun Into the Racing

The characters from the Mario verse return in all their colorfully vibrant glory, from Mario to Wario and even Toadette. The go-kart races operate a bit differently in Mario Kart Tour from the main Mario Kart series. Couples can focus on the game while being cute with one another. A little playful banter never hurts, after all.

Character-Specific Items Make Battle Mode Incredibly Engaging For Couples

The inclusion of character-specific items grants an edge in the races or battle mode. There’s also a unique item mechanic where if a player manages to collect three of the same things, they can spam it. Mario Kart Tour also has gliding sections and underwater races to keep distinguish itself for couples playing other racing games on mobile.

Envision the Honeymoon Travel Experience

The game’s a visual treat for couples. If you’re on the fence about trying Mario Kart Tour, how about this? You can emulate the honeymoon experience, well, sort of. The tour mode is based on a close lifelike depiction of world-famous cities from around the world, from Tokyo to New York, to Sydney and Amsterdam.

The Bad

Mario Kart Tour is one of those games on mobile with lots of versatility, and couples will enjoy it a lot. The problem is that the gameplay might not feel as compelling for some.

The Gameplay is More of the Same, With Not Enough Variety

As often is the case with mobile games, once the novelty of a new game dies down, there isn’t enough variety to hold player interest. Couples might feel bored with Mario Kart Tour if they play the game more frequently. It’s best to pair Mario Kart Tour with other mobile game for couples to switch over and keep the spark going.

The Verdict

With the addition of Mario characters with the battle modes now fully fleshed out gives the game much-needed variety. We highly recommend checking the game out. Couples who enjoy playing racing games on mobile devices a lot are in for a fun time with Mario Kart Tour.

4. Spaceteam

6 Best Mobile Games for Couples To Play (3)

Spaceteam is a game all about teamwork; ironically, while playing it is fun, it’s also infuriating. Yet, we play Spaceteam religiously, as it’s one of the most addictive and innovative mobile games for couples. You’ll be splitting hairs, shouting, and laughing uncontrollably all at the same time when playing Spaceteam.

Spaceteam is A True Test of Communication Skills Between Couples

In Spaceteam, players receive vague instructions about keeping the spaceship from crashing. The intensity drastically rises when couples clear the early stages and enter the higher levels with time limit. Spaceteam truly tests the hand-eye coordination and reflexes of players, making it one of the most innovative mobile games that couples will enjoy.

The Good

It’s always hilarious and guaranteed to cause tummy-hurting laughter for everyone involved, and we consider Spaceteam is one the funniest mobile games for couples. On the surface, the concept of the game seems ludicrous and highly straightforward, but trust us, Spaceteam will drive you lovebirds nuts.

Constant Snickering and Bickering Between Couples

Spaceteam requires absolute synergy and open communication. Sure, the back-and-forth can be coordinated, calculated, and well-planned, but where’s the fun in that? No, the enjoyment and charm of Spaceteam shine when it’s a screaming contest of gibberish spouting by both partners.

Teamwork and Coodination are Essential

The teams must work in sync to announce the functions that are failing the critical systems. Whoever has the prompt for the function available can immediately tap on the appropriate button to fix the problem. The game design of Spaceteam is intentionally faulty, or rather there’s a high failure chance in every stage.

The Brick Pace Will Keep Couples Entertained For Long Sessions

The idea of Spaceteam is to get a rise of emotions and engagement activity out of players through the gameplay. Couples will laugh out loud, and yell in their partner’s face while staring at the instructions with desperation in their eyes. There’s a chance to fumble making Spaceteam one of the funniest mobile games for couples.

The Bad

The panic-inducing stress in Spaceteam can be a negative. Kind of like a double-edged sword, its both the game’s biggest strength and weakness. Here’s how that is the case.

The Constant Stressful Gameplay Might Feel Intense For Casual Players After A While

Players must read aloud the ridiculous names of the spaceship functions, which in itself is chuckle-worthy, but it can also feel panicky. Players looking for a relaxing game might need to look elsewhere. On that note, if you’re into more space-themed games, check out our friend’s ranking of all Mass Effect classes into tiers.

The Verdict

Spaceteam undeniable ability to hook players is a testament to the creative vision of its developers. We absolutely enjoy every second of our time playing the game, and so will the couples who do the same. Spaceteam is one of the most exceptionally great mobile games for couples to play together and have fun with.

3. Fortnite: Battle Royale

6 Best Mobile Games for Couples To Play (4)

We’re past the halfway point and officially within the top 3 rankings of our list of fun mobile games for couples. Coming in hot at number 3, we have a game that most, if not all, gamers on the planet have played or at least heard about, Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Fortnite – The Cultural Phenomenon Synonymous With Mobile Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale has a relatively straightforward playing format, where up to 100 players enter a singular map. The pairing can be solo or in teams; for couples, it can be two as well, after which all players engage in a shootout. The map shrinks after the expiration of the timer, and there’s a huge storm that closes in on players as well.

The Good

The gameplay has more layers than what the initial impression of Fortnite: Battle Royale would have you believe. The game provides ample opportunities for players to fortify their defenses and reach a position with a tactical advantage. It’s one of the most versatile mobile games for couples. Plus, it has cool skins too! There are plenty of exciting features.

True Couple’s Teamwork Shines

Teamwork and watching each other’s back are as critical as obtaining supplies and ammo from the random drops that occur over the map. Players can modify the terrain to create barriers for temporary protection. The astronomical popularity of the free-to-play model of Fortnite: Battle Royale makes it one of the most ideal mobile games for couples to try.

Divide and Conquer

The offerings of Fortnite: Battle Royale are wildly distinct, and there are numerous ways to attain an early advantage. The fun starts when you and your partner scamper around tight corners as the map size starts slowly reducing. There’s no other choice but to go inward and confront other players.

The Thrill of Winning and Losing Together

Strategizing on the fly in Fortnite: Battle Royale when you’re with a partner is a highly rewarding feeling. The ability to construct and deconstruct structures is spectacular. The adrenaline rush from the fast-paced action will keep couples playing Fortnite games on mobile devices on their toes. Whether you win or lose, it’s always fun to do it together.

The Bad

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a fun and addictive game, but it does come up short in one area which downgrades it enjoyment for us.

Bots and Cheats

The problem with Fortnite: Battle Royale is that the exploits ruin the fun and immersion of couples who want to play the game fairly. Despite numerous updates, plenty of ways exist to break the game that couples will want to distance themselves from it.

The Verdict

The game is a compelling experience that casuals and veterans will enjoy slugging it out. Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the ideal mobile games for couples to see how well they coordinate and cooperate. We highly encourage couples to try Fortnite: Battle Royale to couples who haven’t given it a chance yet.

2. Cooking Battle! – One of the Best Mobile Games for Couples Ever

6 Best Mobile Games for Couples To Play (5)

The runner-up for our list of the best mobile games for couples isn’t an action game or a typical shooter. In fact, keeping in line with the theme of couple’s games, we can’t think of a better entry than Cooking Battle! That’s right; it’s the name of the game. Cooking Battle! pits players against one another to see who can win the hearts of the customers.

Intense Culinary Battles Await Couples in Cooking Battle!

Cooking Battle! has plenty of solid gameplay mechanics. The limited time is a dangling sword that players must constantly be mindful of and ensure they don’t screw up the instructions. It’s clear Cooking Battle! is one the more unique mobile games for couples.

The Good

Cooking Battle! is a game that’s all about precision, finesse, presentation of culinary skills, and sabotaging the competing chef. The chefs can play together against an A.I. pairing. Given that there is a high chance of enemy chef’s destroying your dish, it’s good to have a backup partner to stop the attempt, propelling it as the best mobile games for couples.

Enjoy Cooking in-Game Like in Real Life

Anticipating the enemy pattern while also focusing on the cooking tasks is a balance that must be maintained. The chibi-style animated avatars give an endearing vibe to the game. Cooking Battle! is a mobile game that brings a fresh perspective for couples to enjoy an activity they may also enjoy in real life.

Progressive Difficulty Keeps Couples Hooked

After clearing a stage through teamwork, couples can prepare for more tough challenges and even more troublesome A.I. chefs. The recipes get more complex with progression, and the more advanced stages also add kitchen disasters. Cooking Battle! requires looking out for enemy chef’s underhanded tactics, its a fun mobile game for couples.

The Bad

There’s nothing inherently wrong about Cooking Battle! but something feels off when playing it.

The Polish and Finishing Touch Feel Missing

Perhpas it’s the lack of originality as this concept has been done before with more polish. You can check out our list of games like Overcooked! to better understand what’s missing in Cooking Battle!

The Verdict

Inspite of the slightly generic vibe, we can’t recommend Cooking Battle! enough. The game has adorable sound effects; chopping up ingredients with your partner has never felt more satisfying. Cooking Battle! highly original and one of the most brilliant mobile games for couples.

1. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition – The Best Mobile Game for Couples Period

6 Best Mobile Games for Couples To Play (6)

Finally! We’re at the number 1 game on our list of top 6 mobile games for couples. The honor of the top pick goes to another household title. It’s one everyone on the planet is probably familiar with, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Enjoy The Freedom To Carve Your Own Adventure As A Couple in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Starting life out as a spin-off of sorts, Minecraft: Bedrock Editon changed the mobile gaming landscape. Players get to have all the grand adventures from the main game but with a more refined gameplay feel. The graphics are much smoother, with the HD textures easily integrated within the game.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition offers an unparalleled level of freedom of movement, construction, crafting, and combat. Now, add all of that fun stuff with the love of your life playing right beside you, and what do you get? The answer is the best mobile game for couples in existence, that’s what.

The Good

Players craft anything out of everything by mixing and matching resources and collecting the base materials by foraging.

The Ideal Mobile Couple’s Game

Whether hunting down hostile creatures, going through dungeons, or watching each other’s back for traps and ambushes, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition fires on all cylinders to be one of the ideal mobile games for couples. In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition couples will find it all the more satisfying through conquering adversities.

Cooperation Is A Necessity

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has a huge world full of untapped resources, wildlife that’s unpredictable as it’s scary, and treasures to find. It helps if you’re playing the game as a couple and can divide the task equally to build shelter and collect food. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is like a fantasy adventure for couples.

The Bad

None. It’s possible we’re biased, but honestly, during our playthrough, we couldn’t find a single fault. The block world of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition doesn’t take an eternity to boot up, and players can jump in right away. Check out our guide to fix any connectivity issues about why you can’t join your friend’s Minecraft world.

The Verdict

In our humble opinion, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition checks all the boxes to sit atop the pack best mobile games of all time for couples. None can come close to matching its greatness. It’s all thanks to the open world and freedom that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition offers that many couples are spending their time bonding over the game.

Final Thoughts

Our list proves that mobile games aren’t just mere cash-grab attempts. Special attention to detail, a high degree of care and accessibility, and, most of all, fun content are a part of mobile gaming. We hope you enjoyed going through our selection of titles, and we’re curious whether you agree with them.

We are confident when we say that our picks for mobile games for couples are diverse, have enjoyability for couples especially, and possess excellent replay value. The theme of wholesomeness and cuteness for couples is prevalent in all the entries. Until next time, we’re signing off for now; take care and happy gaming!


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