11 Multiplayer Mobile Games for Couples (Android and iOS) - Mobile Games (2023)

The pandemic era increased the number of mobile game players and also the number of couples searching for in door activities. One relaxing way for spending your time is to play some multiplayer mobile games for couples that are available on both App Store and Google Play.

Here are the 11 Multiplayer Mobile Games for Couples

  1. Houseparty
  2. Crossy Road
  3. Draw Something Classic
  4. Heads Up!
  5. Trivia Crack
  6. Lovewick
  7. Glow Hockey
  8. Words with Friends
  9. Among Us
  10. SongPop
  11. The Sims Mobile

1. Houseparty

Really fun for video calling your friends , you can play games and screen share to show your friends something. Great app, runs smooth, does what is supposed to without glitches or problems, recommended – Shannon A

Houseparty is the face-to-face social network game that allows you to connect with your loved ones. The game makes linking face to face easy: it will send you an alert when any of your friends are in the house and ready to chat. Through the notification, you can open the game and jump right into the conversation. This is a virtual way of hanging out with your friends during the pandemic and afterwards. It can be played by anyone who is at least 12 years old. Start playing Houseparty and discover the wide-range of mini games you can enjoy together with your loved one.

Download Houseparty on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

2. Crossy Road

It’s hard at first but if you play it a couple times you’ll be better and better at this game – Adrianne Smith

Crossy Road is one of the most frustrating action game, although some people do not consider it as challenging as Flappy Bird. The game rules and mechanics are simple: cross the road and avoid any danger (trains, incoming traffic and rivers) in order to survive. Unlock more than 150 different characters and run as far as you can. Challenge your lover and may the best one win!

Download Crossy Road on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

3. Draw Something Classic

It’s a fun game, especially when playing with family members who aren’t close by. Some pictures are easy and some are more difficult – Teresa Crespi

Draw Something Classic is one of the most popular game included in the mobile games for couples list. Pick up your brush and start drawing right now. There is no need to have artistic skills to play this game, just enjoy yourself in the addictive turn-based depiction game in Draw & Guess mode. It allows you to sketch and illustrate your creativity in different colors. The amazing Draw Something Classic game allows its players to make new friends through art. You can challenge your significant other, family members or friends for a quick round.

Download Draw Something Classic on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

4. Heads Up!

11 Multiplayer Mobile Games for Couples (Android and iOS) - Mobile Games (1)

I love it because you can choose different categories and its fun to play – Brenda Kenny

Heads Up is the most interesting and fun word-guessing game to play in a couple. From naming celebrities to silly accents and singing – it’s a wonderful house party pastime and an amusing charades app to play with your close ones. All you need to do is to pick a card from a deck and place it on your head. Yes, you’ve heard it right: place it on your head. Your friends will then give you hints about the name that is written on the card and you are required to guess the word. Heads Up belongs to the best mobile games for couples and it can be played by people of all age groups.

Download Heads Up! on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

5. Trivia Crack

You can test your knowledge by these fun competitive games – Oriana Lunceford

Trivia Crack is a challenging yet fun game to play with your match. The game involves a responsive spinner wheel named Willy. All you need to do is to select the questions which you want to answer from six different categories. The game contains hundreds of thousands of exciting questions that will help in improving your general knowledge. It also provides you an option to create your questions by using the Factory section. Moreover, while playing the game you will get an option to chat with your opponents. This wonderful game can help in making your mind stronger and sharper.

Download Trivia Crack on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

6. Lovewick

It both helps seamlessly spark conversations that might otherwise be awkward to have or not come up at all, and it’s an amazing way to constantly learn fun & new things about each other – AppStore User

Lovewick is a quiz-style game, but it is specially designed for couples which want to know each other better in a fun and exciting way. Fore sure, it helps couples in making their relationship stronger. The game acts as a springboard for opening relationship-building conversations about values, aspirations, feelings and more. You and your partner need to answer questions daily about each other and then discuss on each other’s answers. One can earn points for each of their correct guesses and continue to unbolt challenges as they move to the next level. Moreover, you can set together relationship goals such as a new vacation, a new place to visit or even an extreme sport to try out!

Download Lovewick on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

7. Glow Hockey

It’s fun to play against my girlfriend and even challenge myself with the Artificial Intelligence driven computer player!

Glow Hockey is one arcade hockey game that is easy to play yet hard to master. If you want to get better at this, you can try to put yourself in challenging situations with really strong computer opponents. The game contains colorful glow graphics along with a smooth and responsive gameplay. Your phone is going to vibrate when you score a goal and receive points. It incorporates realistic physics and allows you to think out of the box for clearing each level. One nice feature is that the game supports 2 players on the same device. Glow Hockey contains 4 selectable pucks and paddles. Fore sure it will keep you busy and applicant!

Download Glow Hockey on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

8. Words with Friends

I’m addicted, I love learning new words and all the challenges that come with it – Shay Davis

Word with Friends is one of the most popular and loveable multiplayer game for couples. It involves difficult strategies and thinking aptitude to cross levels. It also increases your vocabulary and improves your spelling skills. If you and your significant other have children, then try playing this game with them. By doing so, they can improve their vocabulary in a fun and exciting way. Don’t worry as it can be played by people of all ages. Set up this game and start playing it with your loved ones and make your free time a fun time.

Download Words with Friends on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

9. Among Us

Possibly one of the best games ever! I have been playing game for more than 6 months and it is very good – Lavanya Kandala

Among Us is an online multiplayer game suitable for 4 up to 10 players. You are all part of the same crew, but some of you are impostors. At the beginning of the game you are assigned with tasks, once that everyone solve its tasks the game is won by the crewmates. While crewmates struggle to solve their tasks, impostors will hunt them and try to eliminate them from the game without witnesses. You can trigger the alarm and involve everyone into a group discussion if you have noticed something suspicious. Among us is similar to the classic Mafia party game, so if you liked that one you should definitely give this one a try!

Download Among Us on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

10. SongPop

Hands down, the best music guessing game on Play Store – Martin Shepherd

SongPop is a musical quiz game popular among couples. The game can be played by anyone around the globe. It allows you to challenge your lover, your family or friends with trivia that includes songs from all musical styles. If you are someone who loves trivia and music then this game is a match for you. SongPop includes a list of more than 100,000 songs from musicians such as classic tunes from Queen, the famous Justin Bieber, the award-winning Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Ariana Grande and more. All you need to do is to guess the right singer and song name quicker than everybody else if you want to win the game.

Download SongPop on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS

11. The Sims Mobile

I thoroughly love love this game! Everything about this game is great: from characters to the clothing options – Lynne Allen

The Sims Mobile is one of the best simulation mobile games for couples. Express your inventiveness as you alter your Sims’ unmistakable appearances and novel characters, giving them characteristics and messing around with design and hairdos. Easily assemble your Sims ideal home, picking the most loved plans and stylistic layout with more detail than ever before on mobile. Experience the rich and engaging snapshots of your Sims’ lives as they achieve professional objectives, seek after pastimes, create connections and improve their Lifestyle.

Download The Sims Mobile on Google Play for Android / App Store for iOS


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